Exact Pest Control Solutions LLC
Exact solutions for your pest control problems!

 2225 South 36th Street, Galesburg, MI 49053

Exact Pest Control Solutions provides dependable, effective solutions for all pest control problems in Southwest Michigan with a simple yet in-depth process of inspection, identification, and recommendation for prevention/treatment.

Our highly trained inspectors and technicians offer a range of services, from residential to commercial, small to large buildings, that eliminate termites and other pests.

We also are licensed to provide real estate inspections for wood destroying insects (i.e. termites, carpenter ants and woodborers). We generate state approved reports identifying problem areas for your own personal use or for use with escrow.

We realize that there are many pest control companies to choose from. Our company is different and is tailored to your needs. Our estimates are free of charge. You will feel safe, protected and confident having Exact Pest Control Solutions managing your pest control needs.

Options That Work For Michigan Homes

No Cookie Cutter Service

Affordable and Flexible

Once an inspection is done on your house and property, Exact Pest Control Solutions will recommend the best plan of prevention or treatment.

Every home is unique and every homeowner is different as well. After inspecting the home thoroughly, we work with the homeowner to determine their needs and address any concerns. We provide flexible service plans for our customers, including monthly, quarterly, and annual service programs.

Pick the program that works for you.
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