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Preventing or eliminating destructive insects calls for a carefully planned INTERGATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) stategy.

At Exact Pest Control Solutions LLC our licensed, professionally trained and certified pest management professionals have the training and experience necessary to correctly identify pest problems and recommend the most responsible and effective pest management treatment available.

We will design a customized service plan to control, manage and eliminate the pests from your home while protecting the safety of you, your family and your pets.

Our services are designed at a price you can afford and we can schedule appointments at your convenience.


Exact Pest Control Solutions LLC understands that every business is different and each has it's own pest management needs.

As a result, commercial pest management sometimes requires very different methods of treatment due to food handling and the health care needs of the people involved (employees, customers, and outside individuals).

Our team of professional inspectors and technicians has the knowledge and experience to get rid of your unwanted guests, regardless of the type of business you're in. Whether it's an apartment complex, a restaurant or a commercial office building, we are equipped and trained to handle your account.


Home purchasers need to know if termites or other wood destroying insects are present before investing their money.

Lending institutions (banks, savings and loans, FHA and VA) often require houses to be inspected for wood destroying insects prior to financing or refinancing a home.

Thorough inspection can determine whether infestations are present and if remedial control measures are needed.

All inspection findings are reported on NPMA Form 33 required by FHA/VA loans.

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